The Apprentice Series

By Kevin Jackson, Major3540

In the Commissioning spiritual life seminar, James Bryan Smith presented workshops based on his Apprentice Series: “The Good and Beautiful God,” “The Good and Beautiful Life” and “The Good and Beautiful Community.”Upon analyzing each book, then synthesizing the three books into a systematic approach to Spiritual Formation, the reader uncovers Smith’s attempts and accomplishments in this work as something special for any believer looking for such a resource.

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Doing Right while Doing Good

By Dave Hudsondoingright1

Doing Right while Doing Good (BMH Books, 2012), co-authored by Dr. Kenneth Bickel, a former banker, pastor and seminary professor, and Kevin Vanderground, a practicing attorney and professor, certainly resonates with the Army’s brand promise “Doing the Most Good.”

Today, more than any time in history, ethical practices of ministry leaders are under scrutiny. It seems every day there is a new article of a moral or ethical failure of a religious leader. Not only at issue is the leader’s own behavior, but how he or she deals, or fails to deal, with bad behavior of others.

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