Inside a High Council

By Harry Read, Commissioner –

Inside-a-High-CouncilGeneral John Larsson’s fascinating and fast-moving book 1929 – A crisis that shaped The Salvation Army’s future (Salvation Army, 2009) – wetted the appetite of its readers for a sequel. In that book we felt the tidal flow of change and shared the vision of those who, reluctantly but rightly, believed the still-young Army had outgrown the precedent of a leader nominated by his or her predecessor and, instead, should have a leader elected by his or her peers. Inside a High Council (Salvation Books, 2013) fulfills the need of a sequel admirably and, in the process, dispels lurking assumptions that the High Council is a dull but necessary institution. Like its predecessor, this book is compelling reading.

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Living in community

By Kevin Jackson, Major 51uE5V5cQWL 9780834128873

As a historian, I appreciate reading books about the past. Yet as a person of faith, I seek out books that strengthen my faith in this present age. I am always amazed by the tales of The Salvation Army’s early days, and attempt to have a similar zeal, practicality and incarnational nature in my day-to-day life of faith. Those early Salvationists sought to transform the world and many did.

In Thin Places: 6 Postures for Creating & Practicing Missional Community by Jon Huckins and Rob Yackley (The House Studio, 2012) and in The Awakening of Hope: Why We Practice A Common Faith by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (Zondervan, 2012), the authors share early Salvationist-like outlines to living a life of faith. Both texts seek to explain the why and how to live in community while transforming the world and yourself.  Both works provide insight and practical models, challenging the believer to intentionally participate in a missional and incarnational lifestyle.


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In the Balance

By Kevin Jackson, Major InTheBalance_FrontCover

Whenever I see a new book on Revelation, I usually set it aside for generally one of two reasons.  Either because it’s far too technical and I don’t have a doctorate in biblical studies or because it is just another “kooky” abuse of God’s Word to create an end of the world scenario, complete with times and dates of Armageddon.

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