‘Hidden Treasure’

hidden-treasure-coverBy Beverley Smith, Major (Dr.) – 

“Hidden Treasure: Valuing Women in The Salvation Army,” (Salvo Publishing, 2015) a new compilation of women officers’ stories edited by Major Leanne Ruthven, is long overdue. Seeing women officers as hidden treasure waiting to be discovered within The Salvation Army, Ruthven ably brings together contributions from a variety of women around the world.

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Conversations: with the Catholic Church, 2007-2012

By Kevin Jackson, Major – bb227769-aedf-491d-9d53-7f8fbcba449c_225-Conversations

It’s easy to become weary in our faith these days. Far too often we see Christians at odds with others, both inside and outside our religious worldview. Yet faith is about more than who’s right and who’s wrong. Faith is a world-changing and life-transforming relationship with God. There is joy, peace and good will on earth, yet these things should be more common between Christians. Alas, what should be more common, tends to be less so in recent years.

A recently published collection of documents, jointly written and collected by The Salvation Army International Headquarters and official representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, allow for a much needed breath of fresh air for the person of faith—“Conversations: with the Catholic Church, 2007-2012” (Salvation Books, 2014). At first glance, the reader might suspect that the contents of this book contain long diatribes of dry theological speak that only resonate with scholars, theologians and those interested in canon law. A closer look reveals otherwise.

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