‘Called to Be God’s Own: Second Edition’

By Alfred Van Cleef, Lt. Colonel –

“Called to Be God’s Own: Second Edition” (Adult Rehabilitations Centers Command, USA Western Territory, 2015) with a corresponding workbook by Major Glen Doss is a welcomed teaching tool.

Printed in larger font, the new edition includes a glossary and an additional chapter, “About The Salvation Army Today.” While the first edition focused entirely on drug and alcohol addiction, the new material is far more comprehensive in scope, incorporating the full range of addictive agents and behaviors—from drugs and alcohol to work, money, food and toxic relations.

The author skillfully blended three important subjects: the purpose and place of Salvationists in today’s world; the doctrines of The Salvation Army; and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The use of the book and workbook would seem to fit any teaching situation for adherents or senior soldiers, and is not limited to use just in The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

The material is clearly presented, easily understood and will challenge all involved, from teacher to student. It also includes a brief history of The Salvation Army, important elements of the Spiritual Life Commission, the soldier’s covenant and salvation and the sacraments.

I was challenged by reading the material. It will be the standard for our adherent classes and should be used for soldier preparation as well. It is a strong tool for all to use.

Find the book and workbook at tradewest.com.  

‘Those Incredible Booths’

William and Catherine Booth as parents and the life stories of their eight children

By Keith Banks, Commissioner – 



IF THOSE who attended the first international congress held in 1886 could come back today they would be amazed by the very different sights and sounds of Boundless 2015.

In 1886 the Army was celebrating its 21st birthday, but had been working outside Britain for only six years. In that time it had already reached 12 countries. But it took holy daring to announce an international congress in London and invite Salvationists from these lands to come. But come they did – and they lifted the roof with their praise to God for what he had done.

How amazingly different is Boundless 2015! Delegates have come not from 12 countries, but from 126! Attendances are far in excess of those of the first congress. Traditional sounds of music mix with the exotic. The latest in modern technology helps to communicate the message.

But also, how amazingly the same is Boundless 2015. What would strike any visitors from 1886 the most is that on its 150th birthday the Army is as young as it ever was. Its spirit has not changed, and the energy and vitality of the Holy Spirit still courses as powerfully through its veins as it ever did.

We praise God as we commemorate the Army’s past and celebrate its work in the present. And for the future, may the congress inspire us to be even more open to the Spirit – an Army prepared to innovate, adapt and forge ahead to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

General John Larsson (Rtd)