Every Sober Day is a Miracle

By Glen Doss, MajorBkReview01

I hit rock bottom when three dope dealers beat me at gunpoint,” recalls Dy-Ann. “Stability in my life began the day I found Christ.”

“Drugs stole my life from me, leading to 10 rehabs, state hospitals, and jail,” says David. “After I accepted Christ as my Savior, worries and burdens lifted, and I found inner peace….Today I am a responsible, productive member of society.”

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Farewell to the Founder

By Loreen Hamilton148241

Salvationists throughout the world have heard story after story of the life of their Founder, General William Booth. His passion, powerful speaking and vision to see the world won for God was revolutionary in his time. But one area rarely discussed–if ever—is the incredible events leading up to his death and the ways in which he was honored after his promotion to Glory.

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The Long Journey Home

By JoAnn ShadeWIPFSTOCK_Template

In my first year serving in Salvation Army ministry, I attended a continuing education session that addressed a variety of social problems I might encounter in my work.Those first few months of ministry had been eye opening for a young girl from Tonawanda, Ny.

Divorce–yep, we’ve got that in our church. Child abuse–I could name the kids, and had to fight the urge to take them home with me. Alcohol abuse–one of our members had been at our door that week, inebriated and belligerent. And sexual abuse–well, this was 1978 and not too many people were talking about it openly in the church yet, but hindsight tells me that was present as well.

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One for All

By Bob DocterScreen Shot 2014-05-28 at 2.05.32 PM

One for All (Frontier Press, 2011), by Commissioner James Knaggs and Major Stephen Court, contains three separate titles advancing a “collective though”–one salvation for all the world.



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Meeting Jesus

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.03.42 PMIn Meeting Jesus: Inspiring Stories of Modern-day Evangelism, Major Howard Webber has assembled vignettes about various people he met and influenced during a 30-year career as a Salvation Army officer in the U.K. The individuals and families range from soldiers and regular attendees at the corps, to homeless, prisoners, drug addicts, alcoholics and people in recovery—both rich and poor.

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