One For All

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    By James Knaggs (Author), Stephen Court  (Author) – 

    One For All contains three books: the global version of One Day, the second edition of One Thing, and the final component of the trilogy: One Army. With forewords by Generals Burrows, Rader, and Bond, One For All describes one great salvation for all of the world.

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    Vision begins in prayer and ends in worship. The vision of ONE DAY will converge with the vision of ‘that day’ when the redeemed from every tongue and tribe and people and nation will gather at the Throne of God and worship the Lamb for our salvation. –General Paul Rader (Ret.)

    ONE THING proclaims that there is a coherent, unassailable answer to today’s pluralism. Instead of personal legend, it recommends a global mission. And that mission, though universal in scope, is highly particular in its aim: One Thing – Win the World for Jesus. –General Eva Burrows (Ret.)

    [Knaggs and Court] describe the solid faith that is ours. They passionately argue for a diverse unity that authentically expresses itself on local fronts with translocal missional unity. They present our ideal mission focus. They explain integrated mission. They introduce the inclusive concept of ‘Salvos.’ They look at Salvationists, as made in the image of God. And they celebrate global connectedness. –General Linda Bond

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