The Journal of The Salvation Army Biblical, Theological, and Missiological Society

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    August 2017 About the journal: The first issue of the Journal of The Salvation Army Biblical, Theological, and Missiological Society is a collection of the papers presented at the society’s first meeting, held during Commissioning weekend in June 2017. Many came to hear the theological discussion, to ask questions, and to fellowship with other Salvationists and friends. Lt. Sidney Salcido’s work in “How Truth Motivates” is a look at the nature of truth and its effect on a person’s life. Major Pat Irvine’s work in “Introduction to Canonical Context as Interpretive Theological Framework for Preaching and Interpreting the Psalms” invites the reader to consider a more comprehensive framework for interpreting the Psalms. And David Witthoff’s effort in “An Updated Translation of 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and its Relationship to Doctrine 10 in The Salvation Army” seeks to show how an issue of translation was incorporated into this doctrine. The society’s oversight panel hopes that the works edify the church and inform the reader about important aspects of spiritual life, theological study, and mission practice.

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