Someone Cared

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    Prose and prayers inspired by the poet, John Gowans (former international leader of The Salvation Army). His most popular song in Salvation Army circles is, arguably, Someone Cares, which begins with the lyric: “Do you sometimes feel that no one truly knows you, and that no one understands or really cares? The answer? Someone cares!” Rob Birks gives new life to Gowans words, words that help us contemplate and communicate the unmerited, unconditional and unending love of God.



    Someone Cared is a beautiful compilation of poetry, Scripture, spiritual reflections, and humor. Reading this book feels like reconnecting with a good friend. Gowans’ tender lyrics matched with Rob Birks’ honest reflections caused a stirring in my soul. The pages of this book are filled with powerful glimpses of God’s grace and overwhelming goodness. Ultimately readers will be inspired by the incredible truth that life is beautiful because Someone Cared.

    – Trina Pockett

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