Telling our Stories, Volume 2

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    Telling our Stories is a bi-annually released journal that shares the history of Salvation Army programs, people and services throughout the Western Territory. There is power in these stories: power to transform the lives of others and power to encourage, inspire and illuminate those who call The Salvation Army their own.

    The second volume includes:

    “One Life to Live–One Life to Give”: recounts how San Francisco’s Zebra murders impacted The Salvation Army.

    “God’s Blessings in the Former Soviet Union”: recounts The Salvation Army’s response after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Volume 2 also includes: “Major Dolores Rivitt, Order of the Founder”; “When William Booth Came to Oakland”; “Salvationist Mining Camps”; and “Jailed for Jesus.”

    Lt. Colonel Don McDougald, Editor // September 2016

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