Frontier Press produces literary works on behalf of The Salvation Army USA Western Territory to:

  • Encourage Salvationist creativity and ministry
  • Promote the creative expression of Western Salvationists
  • Support the mission of The Salvation Army

Frontier Press titles are diverse in style and subject but adhere to the above mandate. Please familiarize yourself with our catalog before submitting.

To submit a manuscript to Frontier Press, please complete the following steps:

  1.     Complete the proposal form below
  2.     Email the first chapter of the manuscript to

Please note that Frontier Press accepts proposals through April 1 annually for publication consideration in the following calendar year. All submissions are then reviewed by the Western Territory Literary Council, which recommends titles for printing to territorial administration. All prospective authors who submit a proposal as detailed above by April 1 will be notified of the publication decision by November 1. If a proposal is not accepted, the prospective author may choose to re-submit the work for consideration the following year.

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    Royalties information
    The Salvation Army’s policy regarding royalties:

    For officers: All creative work produced by officers must first be offered for publication to The Salvation Army. If the Army chooses to publish the work, the copyright in and royalties arising from such publication must be assigned to The Salvation Army. If the Army declines to publish the work, the territorial commander – after consulting with the territorial literary or music council – may approve its publication outside of the Army. In such cases active officers will assign all copyright and royalties to The Salvation Army.

    For non-officers, Salvation Army employees, and retired officers: The Literary Council will negotiate a royalty agreement, for a percentage of sales after the cost of publishing, with the non-officer author upon acceptance of his/her manuscript.