I Beg to Differ

By Kevin Jackson, Major 9780830844166

At a point in time when civility both within and outside of the community of faith appears at an arguably  all-time low, the need for resources to assist humanity in reestablishing a sense of unity within our divided world is a welcome addition. I Beg to Differ: Navigating Difficult Conversations With Truth And Love (InterVarsity Press, 2014) by Timothy Muehlhoof is not a book about conflict management. It provides solutions to improve communication between those who have severely differing world views.

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Living in community

By Kevin Jackson, Major 51uE5V5cQWL 9780834128873

As a historian, I appreciate reading books about the past. Yet as a person of faith, I seek out books that strengthen my faith in this present age. I am always amazed by the tales of The Salvation Army’s early days, and attempt to have a similar zeal, practicality and incarnational nature in my day-to-day life of faith. Those early Salvationists sought to transform the world and many did.

In Thin Places: 6 Postures for Creating & Practicing Missional Community by Jon Huckins and Rob Yackley (The House Studio, 2012) and in The Awakening of Hope: Why We Practice A Common Faith by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (Zondervan, 2012), the authors share early Salvationist-like outlines to living a life of faith. Both texts seek to explain the why and how to live in community while transforming the world and yourself.  Both works provide insight and practical models, challenging the believer to intentionally participate in a missional and incarnational lifestyle.


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The Liberating Truth

By Robert Birks51r8PDNQ4eL

Brothels, burqas, bikinis, Botox, the Booths’ Army–nothing escapes the scorching biblical light The Liberating Truth: How Jesus Empowers Women, by Danielle Strickland, shines on the sins of oppression suffered by women. It is clear, however, that Strickland’s intent is to do more than just shine a singular light. She dares to dream that the Light/light of the world will expose and end the mistreatment, devaluation, underestimation and repression of women (John 9:5, Matt. 5:14). Or, as she writes, “The Church needs to rise up and be like Jesus again!”

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The World is Not Ours to Save

By Jonathan Hibbert-Hingstontwinots_front1

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson has tackled a complex subject in a timely manner. As a leading activist against nuclear weapons he is well placed to speak into a world where we can feel that our influence as individual Christians seems so small, but yet our understanding of faith and calling compels us to try to make a difference.




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Doing Right while Doing Good

By Dave Hudsondoingright1

Doing Right while Doing Good (BMH Books, 2012), co-authored by Dr. Kenneth Bickel, a former banker, pastor and seminary professor, and Kevin Vanderground, a practicing attorney and professor, certainly resonates with the Army’s brand promise “Doing the Most Good.”

Today, more than any time in history, ethical practices of ministry leaders are under scrutiny. It seems every day there is a new article of a moral or ethical failure of a religious leader. Not only at issue is the leader’s own behavior, but how he or she deals, or fails to deal, with bad behavior of others.

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Reflections of a Former Atheist

By Robert Docter9780976846550

The story of one second chance is captured in a new Frontier Press title, Reflections of a Former Atheist, by Major Glen Doss. In it, Doss tells a story of the war between belief and nonbelief. How does one move from a childhood belief system, fully accepting Christian principles, into a posture of atheistic nonbelief and total rejection of the prior belief system?


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Biblical Creation

By Matthew Jensen81cm-IcL6-L._SL1500_

“There is a picture set into the words” begins Georgann Chenault’s recently published work, Biblical Creation: An Illustrated Autobiography. Through over 25 years of research, Chenault demonstrates through computer diagrammatic constructs how the numbers, days and dates listed in Scripture reinforce one another to form perfectly overlapping illustrations. Taking her readers through a breathtaking step-by-step process of her well studied journey, she shows how her genealogy of Jesus, through Mary, mirrors the diagram for creation and places the Lord’s birth at the very center of it all, with the cross linking man’s history to God’s ultimate redemption plan.

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Keeping Faith in Faith-Based Organizations

By Carol Seiler, Commissioner9781610979238

In his recent book, Keeping Faith in Faith-Based Organizations: A Practical Theology of Salvation Army Health Ministry (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2012), Salvation Army International HEalth Secretary Major Dean Pallant provides a tremendous amount of research and in-the-field observation on the topic.

The book offers a formidable bibliography and vocabulary, and the reader must be prepared to spend time chewing the material. With significant insight due to experience, the focus on India and Africa study the complexity of transitioning from hospitals to primary care approaches.

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Farewell to the Founder

By Loreen Hamilton148241

Salvationists throughout the world have heard story after story of the life of their Founder, General William Booth. His passion, powerful speaking and vision to see the world won for God was revolutionary in his time. But one area rarely discussed–if ever—is the incredible events leading up to his death and the ways in which he was honored after his promotion to Glory.

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The Long Journey Home

By JoAnn ShadeWIPFSTOCK_Template

In my first year serving in Salvation Army ministry, I attended a continuing education session that addressed a variety of social problems I might encounter in my work.Those first few months of ministry had been eye opening for a young girl from Tonawanda, Ny.

Divorce–yep, we’ve got that in our church. Child abuse–I could name the kids, and had to fight the urge to take them home with me. Alcohol abuse–one of our members had been at our door that week, inebriated and belligerent. And sexual abuse–well, this was 1978 and not too many people were talking about it openly in the church yet, but hindsight tells me that was present as well.

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