‘Hidden Treasure’

hidden-treasure-coverBy Beverley Smith, Major (Dr.) – 

“Hidden Treasure: Valuing Women in The Salvation Army,” (Salvo Publishing, 2015) a new compilation of women officers’ stories edited by Major Leanne Ruthven, is long overdue. Seeing women officers as hidden treasure waiting to be discovered within The Salvation Army, Ruthven ably brings together contributions from a variety of women around the world.

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Cost, sacrifice and choice


By Kevin Jackson, Major – 

You’ll find a different sort of book review here. Two books: one a classic of the Christian faith and the other a new work yet to be released. As an avid reader, I scour the bookshelves of bookstores, browse through Amazon and receive recommendations from friends and colleagues on current works worth my time to read. My “to-read” list includes no less than 100 books.

Yet, some classics simply deserve placement on every person of faith’s reading list. The Cost of Discipleship (Touchstone, 1995) by Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of those reads.

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When Justice is the Measure

By Kevin Jackson, Major –

The Salvation Army is historically linked to its efforts for social justice. Yet, written works on the topic from a Salvation Army perspective are somewhat of a rarity. This is but one reason why “When Justice is the Measure” (The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory, 2014) by M. Christine MacMillian, Don Posterski, James E. Read is a welcome and needed addition.


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Making Sense of the Bible

By Rob Reardon, Major – 301167

The Bible is a wonderful and mysterious collection of books that chronicle the movement of God from the creation of the world through to return of Christ. Written in various literary styles by an eclectic selection of individuals, the Bible has been the source of inspiration and direction for millions of people throughout history.

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When God Becomes Small

By Kevin Jackson, Major – WhenGodBecomesSmall_Cover

Every once in a great while, a book comes along and causes me to pause and consider my life, the world, and the organization to which I belong that connects the two. Phil Needham’s When God Becomes Small (Abingdon Press, 2014) didn’t cause me to pause; rather it caused me to stop and consider the scope of our lives several times. The truth is I quit counting the incidences of application this small book illuminated about my own life.


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Inside a High Council

By Harry Read, Commissioner –

Inside-a-High-CouncilGeneral John Larsson’s fascinating and fast-moving book 1929 – A crisis that shaped The Salvation Army’s future (Salvation Army, 2009) – wetted the appetite of its readers for a sequel. In that book we felt the tidal flow of change and shared the vision of those who, reluctantly but rightly, believed the still-young Army had outgrown the precedent of a leader nominated by his or her predecessor and, instead, should have a leader elected by his or her peers. Inside a High Council (Salvation Books, 2013) fulfills the need of a sequel admirably and, in the process, dispels lurking assumptions that the High Council is a dull but necessary institution. Like its predecessor, this book is compelling reading.

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In the Balance

By Kevin Jackson, Major InTheBalance_FrontCover

Whenever I see a new book on Revelation, I usually set it aside for generally one of two reasons.  Either because it’s far too technical and I don’t have a doctorate in biblical studies or because it is just another “kooky” abuse of God’s Word to create an end of the world scenario, complete with times and dates of Armageddon.

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Writing the Vision

By Kevin Jackson, MajorBook-Writing-the-Vision

Wesley Harris’s writings provide comfort food for the soul of the Salvationist. His words challenge the reader, while resembling sage-like, grandfatherly advice to a loved one. “Writing the Vision: Collected Writings,” by Harris (Salvo Publishing, 2011), an anthology of Harris’s work, includes selections from a variety of publications over 60 years.

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By Kevin Jackson, Major9780976846581-631x1024

From the first sentence, readers of “ORSBORNAGAIN,” by Major Rob Birks (Frontier Press, 2013),  realize Birks has penned something special. Reintroducing the poetry of Albert Orsborn to a new generation of readers is a good idea. Reinterpreting the poetry of Albert Orsborn—also known as the Poet General—to a new generation of readers is a great idea.

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The Apprentice Series

By Kevin Jackson, Major3540

In the Commissioning spiritual life seminar, James Bryan Smith presented workshops based on his Apprentice Series: “The Good and Beautiful God,” “The Good and Beautiful Life” and “The Good and Beautiful Community.”Upon analyzing each book, then synthesizing the three books into a systematic approach to Spiritual Formation, the reader uncovers Smith’s attempts and accomplishments in this work as something special for any believer looking for such a resource.

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